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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Canceled for Tonight

There will be no Blender User Group this evening.  Some things came up on our end, and it seems that allot of the regulars won't be coming out.  So just plan on doing it in a couple weeks.

I will be getting another activity together for everyone to do.

Tonights User Group

Ok everyone!  W have another user group this evening at 7pm.  If you check the meeting schedule you will see that this time it is located out in Bountiful.  This is still the plan, but is subject to change.  I will post the final decision on the location around 5pm this afternoon.  I will post the address to the new location here.

Also, just a reminder.  There was a small activity that was given a few weeks ago.  It is at the bottom of this post.  If you haven't put together a still life yet, now is the time to do it.  Any time in Blender is well spent.

Remember to invite friends and family that may be interested.  See you all there!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blender PodCast

Here is something I would like everyone to listen to, before our next meeting.

An awesome blender podcast.  One part I particularly like is about tutorials and whether they are good or not.  Some really good info there for beginners and old timers alike.  Check it out!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct 18th Activity

Before I forget. Here are a few of the logo animations from a few of the people that attended the user group last night. (The assignment is below).

Ok everyone, here is the activity for next time.

Put together a simple still life. This includes constructing a simple enviroment, 3 different still life objects, and a well lit scene.

Here is an example:

Have fun, and we will see you on the 18th.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct 4th Meeting

Looking forward to everyone's logo intros. We will spend just a few minutes at the beginning of our next Blender User Group session looking at and discussing any questions or problems you may have run into. Also if there is something new that you learned during the project, this would be a good time to share it with everyone as well.

Speaking of our next session, it is tomorrow! It will be at the Salt Lake City Public Library again, but it will be in conference room 2, instead of conference room D. Check it out at the schedule here. I believe that conference room 2 is on the second floor. If you can't find it yourself, go ahead and ask somebody at the front desk on the 1st floor, they can help.

Also, a small note on parking. Often you can find free parking on the streets that border the library, but if you are unable to find parking above ground, there is parking below the library. It is about $1.50 for 2 hours. Which, if you come no earlier than 6:45pm, will be plenty of time to attend the user group.

And for a little preview of what we will go over tonight. We will be learning about material shaders, and textures. So if you want search 'materials' and 'textures' for Blender 2.59, you can get a leg up on what we will be covering tonight.

One last thing. For those who have been attending for the last while, if there is anyone you know who would be interested in learning the basics of Blender, bring them with. We have enough people to help out anyone who is just starting to those who have been using the program for years. In other words, bring your friends!

Hope to see you all there!