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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Activity to do Before Oct 4th

Okay, to keep everyone busy, we thought putting together a little activity for everyone to do before our next user group meeting, would be a good idea.

Since we have gone over the basics for modeling, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering, everyone should be able to put together a little logo animation.

So the activity is a 3 to 10 second logo animation.
We suggest that you come up with a simple logo.
If you need a little inspiration, here are a few logo animations that I know anyone that has been coming to the group can do.

We understand everyone is busy with their lives, but do what you can even if you cant finish the activity. The point here is to practice. There will be time in our next meeting to show what you have done to the rest of the group, if you want.

I know everyone that has been attending has the ability to do this. But if you have questions, a good source is the internet. Another ok source would be Will or Jake. If you would like to get a hold of us, just send and email to this address., and I am sure we can point you in the right direction.

Have fun!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This is a quick reminder to you all about User Group this evening. Do all you can to get there at 7:00pm sharp. Time is a little more precious than before because of who is accommodating us now.

Also here is a little preview of what will be taught this evening.

We will be going over cloth simulation, to make a flag, and particles, for the lawn. Also, if we have some time we will jump into the node editor to add some filters and color correct the image.

Here are some references and tutorials for what we will be going over it you want to get a head start.

Waving grass tutorial - We wont be going into this much detail, but the information about setting up the particle system and the material can be very helpful for getting started.

And here is a Cloth Flag video tutorial on YouTube by CleverNameStudios

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good News

Good news everyone!
We will have a much more official place of residence.  The Salt Lake City Public Library happened to have space available till the end of the year.  This will allow us to have up to 15 people attend the user group at a time, and also provide a more central location.

I will post all the dates soon, and provide a simple flyer for the class.

Blender User Group Utah 101

Blender User Group Utah 101

This is the first post for the Blender User Group Blog.

I would like to just give a quick introduction to Blender User Group Utah.

First of all, this whole thing is based around an open source piece of software called Blender. Which can be download for free here. Go ahead and take a look around to learn a little more about it.

The Blender User Group provides an opportunity, for those who haven't used blender, or any 3D application, to learn how to use Blender. It also provides an opportunity, for those who already use Blender, to share their knowledge, learn more, and find out what others in their area are using this wonderful piece of software for.

One of our main goals help people use this software to benefit them. And hope to create a local community to benefit each other .

So we hope that you can join us.

If you have any question go ahead and email the administrator at